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Rainer Kurre


Building 38, Room E02e, S2-laboratory
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Olympus LSM FV1000

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FLIM unit

Compact lifetime and FCS upgrade kit for LSMs from Picoquant consisting of
  • a laserbox containing dedicated picosecond pulsed laser diodes (see Fluorescence Illumination) which are combined and coupled into an optical fiber.
    • laser power can be adjusted by a filter wheel containing four neutral density filters and fine-tuned via positioning a plate into the beam path
  • a computer controlled multichannel picosecond diode laser driver Sepia II (PDL 828)
    • laser diodes can be triggered by an oscillator module, external TTL signals, or independently by internal oscillators
    • master frequency of oscillator module: 80, 64, 50 MHz; can be devided by 1, ..., 255 to reduce repetition frequency of laser diodes
    • internal oscillators for each laser diode: 80, 40, 20, 10, 5 or 2.5 MHz
    • channels can be combined to be activated at the same time or each channel can be individually activated in a sequence. To enable burst operation, multiple pulses can be output from one channel (or from combined channels) before the next channel becomes active.
    • laser intensity can be controlled via the internal voltage in 1 % steps
    • the laser are connected to the LSM unit (see LSM unit) to combine laser scanning with lifetime imaging
  • the time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) system PicoHarp 300
    • two identical synchronized but independent input channels (important for FCCS)
    • 65536 histogram time bins, minimum width 4 ps
    • count rate up to 10 million counts/sec
    • dead time < 95 ns
    • time range: 260 ns to 2 ┬Ás
    • multi-stop capability for efficiency at low repetition rates
    • synchronized via LSM unit for imaging
  • a dual detection unit equipped with two single photon avalanche detectors
    • connected to the LSM output port (see LSM unit)
    • beam splitter and emission filters can be exchanged manually