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Person in Charge:

Rainer Kurre


Building 38, Room E15b, S2-laboratory
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Olympus TIRF 4-Line STORM

This fully-motorized microscope is equipped with a motorized 4-Line TIRF condenser, powerful lasers (405 nm, 532 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm, 640 nm, 730 nm), and a highly sensitive EMCCD camera for single molecule experiments. A comprehensive software enables automated experiments and a complete control of the microscope hardware. An incubation chamber (temperature, CO2, and humidity control) provides live-cell imaging compatibility. By using an Image Splitter, simultaneous up to four color single molecule imaging is possible. In addition, the setup is equipped with a motorized stage and a hardware autofocus for fully automated experiments (multi-point acquisitions, overview/tile scans, multiwell screenings) which require long term focus stability. Three dimensional single molecule localization is realized by an astigmatic (cylindrical) lens which can be introduced into the emission light path.