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Light Microscopes

Microscope Applications LabPerson in charge
DeltaVision Elite2d/3d deconvolution, photo-
manipulation, FRAP
Room 67/B11 Kathrin Auffahrt
Lattice Light-Sheet Microscope 4d volumetric imaging, SMT, PALM, SIM Room 38/E15d Rainer Kurre, Michael Holtmannspötter
Leica LSM SP5 3d/4d cLSM Room 36/106 Viktoria Liss
Olympus LSM FV1000 3d/4d cLSM, FLIM, FRAP, FRET, F(C)CS Room 38/E02e Rainer Kurre
Olympus LSM FV3000 NLO 3d/4d cLSM, wide-field epi-fluorescence, NLO Imaging and Photomanipulation Room 38/E04 Rainer Kurre, Laura Vittadello
Olympus TIRF 1-Line with JPK AFM correlative SMLM & AFM Room 38/E03 Katia Cosentino, Rainer Kurre
Olympus TIRF 3-Line TIRF, dual-color SMT,
Room 38/E15c Rainer Kurre
Olympus TIRF 4-Line STORM TIRFM, 4-color SMT, FPALM,
Room 38/E15b Rainer Kurre
Olympus TIRF 4-Line SMT TIRFM, FRAP,
Room 38/E15a Rainer Kurre
Olympus TIRF-SIM TIRFM, 2-beam 2D SIM, smFRET, SMT, DNA-PAINT, 1-3 color Room 37/E26a Rainer Kurre
Up Conversion Setup Up conversion imaging, LRET Room 38/E15e Rainer Kurre
Yokogawa CQ1 dual color 4d spinning disc
confocal imaging with air objectives, screening of up to 96 well-plates
Building 93 Lab of Prof. Landsberger
Zeiss Cell Observer SD dual color 4d spinning disc
confocal imaging
Room 38/E02f Felix Scharte
Zeiss LSM 510 Meta NLO 3d/4d cLSM, FRAP, FRET,
two photon imaging
Room 27/E26b Rainer Kurre
Zeiss LSM 880 Airyscan 3d/4d cLSM with 1.7x super-resolution, FRAP, FRET Room 67/B27 Rainer Kurre

Electron Microscopes

MicroscopeApplications LabPerson in charge
Zeiss TEM LEO 912 (Cryo-) TEM, 3D TEM tomograhy Room 38/E18 Katherina Psathaki
Zeiss TEM Libra 120 TEM, 3D TEM tomography, elemental analysis Room 37/E35 Katherina Psathaki
Jeol JSM-7200F–3View2.XP Serial block-face imaging, SEM Room 38/E07 Katherina Psathaki
JEOL JEM2100plus Cryo-RT TEM 2D cryo- & RT-TEM, 3D cryo- & RT-TEM-tomographie Room 38/E18 Katherina Psathaki
JEOL IT-20 HV- & LV-SEM Room 37/E34 Katherina Psathaki
Thermo-Fisher Glacios Cryo-TEM Single particle analysis, cryo-tomography Room 38/E19 Arne Möller, Dovile Januliene

Work Stations

Work StationApplications RoomPerson in Charge
WS Imaris 3-5D image visualization and analysis, 3D segmentation, spot and surface tracking, filament tracing, CUDA-based GPU processing Room 38/220 Rainer Kurre
WS Matlab Single Molecule Localization and Tracking (SLIMfast), Data and Image Processing with Matlab, CUDA-based GPU processing, lattice light-sheet post processing with LLSpy Room 38/220 Rainer Kurre