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Dr. Caroline Barisch

Phone: 0541-969-7232

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Flow cytometry is a versatile tool to rapidly analyze a large population of cells in liquid media. It can be used to identify, separate, and characterize various cell types by virtue of their size and morphology.  The flow cytometry unit provides equipment and expertise and coordinates the use of the flow cytometers (analyzers) of three divisions: The CyFlow® space cytometer of the ecology division (Kost lab) is unique in its small particle detection (≥ 100 nm). The Attune NxT of the microbiology division (Hensel lab) can be used to analyse BSL2 material and is equipped with an easy-to-use software, an extended fluid supply and an autosampler for automation and unattended operation. The FACSCalibur of the molecular cell biology division (Holthuis lab) is a long-standing and robust system that is complemented by an intuitive software to streamline analysis for a wide range of applications. The CytoFLEX S flow cytometry analyzer is equipped with Avalanche Photo Diode (APD) detectors which allow for high sensitivity and low-noise signal detection. The system has an ultra-low pressure fluidics system specially suited for small sample volumes and volumetric cell counting. For higher throughput applications it was equipped with a 96-well plate reader module.
In addition to coordinating the FACS analyzers, we provide training and expertise in cell sorting using the SH800 (BSL2 lab, CellNanOs). The SH800 cell sorter permits sorting of a wide range of cells (including BSL2 material) for many applications using the 70-μm, 100-μm, and 130-μm microfluidic sorting chips. This novel, chip-based design is fully integrated with comprehensive fluidics controls and advanced automation for set-up, acquisition, sort and analysis to make sorting less subjective, more precise and easier to perform. The system software is intuitive and supports sorting into tubes and 96- and 384-well plates.