Olympus TIRF 4-Line SMT

Image "Light Microscopy:BP_TIRF_4-Line_front.png"


Inverted research microscope Olympus IX-81 (manual) equipped with
  • motorized filter cassette
  • motorized revolving nosepiece
  • motorized z-drive with remote focus handle
  • hardware autofocus (z drift compensation module)
  • piezo z-stage (NanoScanZ, NZ100) from Prior
    • Range of motion: 100 µm
    • Repeatability: 1 nm
    • Accuracy: 0.5 % of travel
    • fully software-controlled
  • motorized xy-stage IM 120x80 from Märzhäuser
    • travel range: 120 x 80 mm
    • repeatability: < 1µm
    • resolution: 0.01 µm
  • 100 W halogen lamp for transmission light with electronic shutter
  • Mid-long working distance condenser IX2-LWUCD (working distance 27 mm, NA 0.55)
  • DIC imaging via:
    • polarizer U-POT (added on top of condenser)
    • Dedicated DIC prisms for 20x (IX2-MDIC20), 60x (IX2-MDIC60), and 100x (IX2-MDIC100) objectives
    • DIC slider U-DICTS (below revolving noisepiece)
    • DIC analyzer IX2-MDICT (located in filter turret)
  • Optional optovar lens: 1.6x
  • Microscope large incubator from Pecon:
  • Small stage top incubator for controlled CO2 concentration and 90 % humidity
  • the complete setup is mounted on an active vibration isolation table (Science desk, Melles Griot)