Main Applications:

3d/4d cLSM

Person in Charge:

Viktoria Liss


Building 37, Room 106, S2-laboratory
Image "Light Microscopy:MB_Leica_LSM.png"

Leica LSM SP5


Inverted research microscope DMI 6000 B (manual) from Leica equipped with
  • motorized revolving nose piece
  • motorized z-drive
  • motorized filter cassette
  • motorized xy-stage
    • travel range: 127 x 83 mm
    • Repeatability: < 1 µm
  • SuperZ Galvo z-positioner for fast z-scans
    • travel range: 250 µm
    • step size:  61 nm
  • 100 W halogen lamp as transmission light
  • DIC imaging in brightfield mode via
    • rotatable polarizer (located above condenser)
    • dedicated DIC prisms for 20x (K3), 40x (K6), and 100x (K10) objectives (located in condenser turret)
    • DIC prism slider C, D, D1 (located below revolving nosepiece)
    • DIC Analyser (located in filter turret)