Zeiss LSM 510 META NLO

Bild "Light Microscopy:NB_Zeiss_LSM_front.png"

LSM unit

  • Scanning method: two galvanometer scanning mirrors
  • Standard detection via 2 photomultiplier tubes (PMT Ch1 and 2) each equipped with 8 position filter wheels.
  • Fluorescence can be spectrally dispersed and measured via spectral detector ChS (META detector, 32 PMT array)
    • Each PMT covers 10.7 nm wavelength of spectrum
    • Spectral bandwidth: 340 nm (380 - 720 nm)
    • 8 virtual channels ChS1-8 can be monitored simultaneously
  • A transmission detector (PMT ChD) enables bright field/DIC imaging using the scanning laser
  • A non-descanned detector can be used for two-photon imaging
  • Scanning modes: X, Y, Z, t and λ, uni- or bidirectional scanning
  • Image resolution: max. 2048 x 2048
  • Scanning speed: up to 5 frames/s at 512 x 512 pixels
  • Dynamic range: 12-bit for each PMT
  • Zoom: 1x, ..., 40x; continuous control
  • Fully motorized pinholes for each PMT (Ch1, 2, S): displaceable in x,y,z-direction and diameter