Main Applications:

NLO imaging and photomanipulation, 3d/4d cLSM, widefield epi-fluorescence imaging

Person in Charge:

Rainer Kurre, Laura Vittadello


Building 38, Room E04, S2-laboratory
Image "Light Microscopy/Olympus LSM FLUOVIEW 3000 NLO:IMG_2984.jpg"

Olympus LSM FV1000 NLO


Inverted research microscope Olympus IX83-P2ZF equipped with
  • motorized 8-position filter cassette (FV30-RFACA, Olympus)
  • motorized revolving nosepiece
  • motorized xy-stage (IX3-SSU, Olympus)
  • xy-piezostage for confocal point scanning (P-542.2SL, Physik Instrumente)
  • white LED for transmission light (IX3-LHLEDC, Olympus)
  • Condenser IX2-LWUCD (working distance 27 mm, NA 0.55)
  • DIC imaging via:
    • polarizer U-POT (added on top of condenser)
    • Dedicated DIC prisms for 20x (IX2-MDIC20), and 60x (IX2-MDIC60) objectives
    • Motorized DIC slider IX3-DICTA (below revolving noisepiece)
    • DIC analyzer IX3-FDICT (located in filter turret)
    • Fast filter wheel for big sCMOS cameras (U-FFWO, Olympus)