Main Applications:

Multicolor 3d/4d volumetric imaging, SMLM

Person in Charge:

Rainer Kurre, Michael Holtmannspötter


Building 38, Room E15d, S2-laboratory
Image "Light Microscopy:LatticeScope.jpg"

Lattice Light-Sheet Microscope

Sample Preparation

Sample support needs to be an 100 ┬Ám thick coverslip with 5 mm in diameter (CS-5R, Warner Instruments). These cover slips can be easily used for cell culture of adherent cells. Immobilization of non-adherent cells such as bacteria or yeast works well with poly-L-lysine or concanavalin A coatings. Bigger organisms such as zebrafish embryos are immobilized by low temperature melting agarose (<=1%). Nematodes like C. elegans or drosophila embryos can be fixed by embryo glue. The sample is mounted via a stainless steel sample holder with a metal clip fixing the cover slip (see picture). There is a very helpful blog from the Advanced Imaging Center (AIC) at Janelia Research Campus. Sample preparation for LLSM is described here in detail.