Lattice Light-Sheet Microscope

Image "Light Microscopy:LatticeScope.jpg"Main Applications: multicolor 3d/4d volumetric imaging, SMLM
Person in Charge: Rainer Kurre, Michael Holtmannspötter
Location: Building 38, Room E15d, S2-laboratory

Brief Description: This setup is a cutting-edge live cell imaging platform for multi-color high-speed volumetric imaging using thin light-sheets based on optical lattices. It is a clone of the original lattice light-sheet microscope designed in the Eric Betzig group and published in October 2014 (Chen et al., Science). With up to 200 frames per second imaging speed and almost true isotropic resolution, the lattice scope is the fasted 3D imaging system at our facililty. Its very thin light-sheets generate highest signal-to-noise ratios and even allow for single molecule imaging throughout the entire cell volume. The latter complements our SMLM expertise using TIRF and HILO imaging.