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Virtual Biomimaging Workshops 2021

May 28th 2021: Advanced Light and Electron Microsocpy of Host-Pathogen Interactions

About the workshop: This interdiciplinary workshop is intended to bring together experts in the field of host-pathogen research with a strong focus on the application and development of cutting-edge light and electron microscopy techniques as well as correlative approaches. Host-pathogen interactions are an ideal showcase to demonstrate the power of high-speed live cell imaging and ultrastructural analysis. We are confident that this workshop is a great opportunity for sharing knowledge and experience in the facinating field of state-of-the-art imaging aprroaches applied to host-pathogen research.

Details and program can be downloaded here.

Jost Enninga, Institut Pasteur, FR
Kay Grünewald, Heinrich-Pette Institute & CSSB, DE
Pierre Santucci, The Francis Crick Institute, GB
Dominique Soldati-Favre, University of Geneva, CH
Caroline Barisch, Osnabrück University
Michael Hensel, Osnabrück University

Caroline Barisch, Molecular Infection Biology Division, UOS
Michael Hensel, Microbiology Division, UOS
Rainer Kurre, Head of iBiOs, UOS