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Virtual Biomimaging Workshops 2021

May 18th 2021: Advanced Lipid Imaging at Highest Spatiotemporal Resolution

About the Workshop: The workshop is intended to bring together cell biologist, biophysicists and imaging specialists sharing the common interest of seeking a better understanding of how lipids are dynamically organized within cellular membrane networks. While the presentations focus on pioneering fluorescence imaging approaches, we aim to stimulate discussions how these can be applied and further advanced to tackle imminent questions in the field of lipid cell biology.

Details and program can be downloaded here.

Christian Eggeling, Jena University, DE
Andrey Klymchenko, University of Strasbourg, FR
Markus Sauer, Würzburg University, DE
Peng Xi, Peking University, CN
Joost Holthuis, Osnabrück University, DE

Jacob Piehler, Biophysics Division, UOS
Joost Holthuis, Molecular Cell Biology Division, UOS
Rainer Kurre, Head of iBiOs, UOS