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Virtual Biomimaging Workshops 2021

June 1th 2021: Getting the Full Picture: Fluorescence Microscopy Across Scales

About the Workshop: Super resolution imaging techniques in conjunction with light-sheet microscopy enables biologists today to visualize biological processes in living organisms with utmost spatiotemporal resolution over extended time periods. The workshop is intended to bring together biologists, biophysicists and imaging specialists to share and discuss recent developments and challenges in this highly interdisciplinary research field. We believe that this workshop is a great opportunity to dive into cutting-edge single molecule imaging and light-sheet microscopy.

Details and program can be downloaded here.

Mathieu Ducros, Bordeaux Imaging Center, FR
Christof Gebhart, Ulm University, DE
Ulrich Kubitscheck, University of Bonn, DE
Wesley Legant, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, US
Jonas Ries, EMBL Heidelberg, DE
Deniz Saltukoglu, BIOSS, University of Freiburg, DE

Rainer Kurre, Head of iBiOs
Katia Cosentino, Molecular Cell Biophysics Division, UOS
Jacob Piehler, Biophysics Division, UOS