ImageJ/Fiji: Installation of OMERO Plugin

For OMERO.insight-ij package:
  • extract the archive into the plugins folder to give a folder named “OMERO.insight-ij-x” where x is the version number.
  • Leave the complete OMERO.insight-ij plugin folder with its components in the plugin folder.
  • Note: Some Windows unzip apps create a double folder enclosing the plugin.
    Check, and if this has happened, copy the inner OMERO.insight-ij-5.x.x
    folder into the plugin folder.
  • see also: Installation and Workflow

Fiji: Add Bio-Formats jars using the update menu

  • In Fiji: Select Help>Update Fiji
  • Fiji will check for updates and after following prompts you will end up at the ImageJ Updater Window. Click on Manage update sites.
  • In the Manage update site window, select Bio-Formats 5.
  • Click Close.
  • Click Apply Changes.
  • Fiji will fetch and install the updates.