>> Data transfer
How you transfer data between OMERO repository and workstations

>> Data preprocessing with Fiji/ImageJ
How to open data stored in OMERO repository in Fiji/ImageJ


You can generate URL access areas for specific data for batch web download, share data with other collaborates that are not in your group or member of our OMERO system or for third party use. All operations are available in OMERO.web.
Your areas will be listed under the OpenLink Tab on the right pane in OMERO. The links will guide you to an html page of your area where you can access or download single files. For batch download use the provided curl file. >> HowTo

Duplicate and Move Data:

You can duplicate Projects, Datasets and Images with all annotations to copy data from one group to another.
>> HowTo


You can create and save an average intensity projection (AVG) of your microscopy image which suppresses image noise and sums up low intensities.
In addition, you can create and save an overlay of individual channels (Merge) as multicolour image. This can be based on the AVG intensity projection or on your raw data. By this you can easily see e.g. overlapping structures or interacting molecules.
The new image will be saved on Omero at the same place where the raw image is stored. You can watch, modify and download the new image. >> HowTo