Fiji / ImageJ

Fiji is a popular free open-source image processing package based on ImageJ.

Load data from OMERO in Fiji :: via URL (only images supported)

For some file formats, opening image via a URL in FIJI is supported (see table).
Required: URL link to data in OMERO (created by means of OpenLink, for example)

Microscope setup   file format Fiji command  
DeltaVision *.dv
File >> Import >> Bio-Formats (Remote)
Leica LSM SP5 *.lif
File >> Import >> Bio-Formats (Remote)
Lattice Light Sheet *.tif
File >> Import >> URL
Olympus LSM Fluoview 1000 *.oib
File >> Import >> URL
Attention: less robust than working with files on disk

Load data from OMERO in Fiji :: via Fiji plugin

Required: Install Fiji on the local machine with the OMERO.insight-ij plugin (HowTo) or use the prepared central Fiji installation (available at \\\tools inside the Biology/CellNanOs).

HowTo: use Fiji User Interface and OMERO