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Zeiss TEM LEO 912

Image "Electron Microscopy:Leo_912_upload.jpg"Main Applications: (Cryo-) transmission electron microscopy, (cryo-) 3D TEM tomography
Person in Charge: Katherina Psathaki
Location: Building 38, Room E18

Brief Description: The Zeiss Leo 912 Omega is a 120 kV transmission electron microscope equipped with an in-column OMEGA-energy filtering system and Koehler Illumination system for high image contrast. The microscope is equipped for a wide range of element analyses (EDS, EFTEM, ESI, EELS). The Leo 912 patented goniometer enables (cryo) 3D TEM tomography.

Technical Specifications

Electron Column: Acceleration voltage up to 120 kV, LaB6 electron source.

Koehler illumination for true parallel-beam specimen illumination over the entire imaging and diffraction range which guarantees for superior image contrast. In-column OMEGA energy filter for excellent elemental analysis (EFTEM, ESI, EELS) and diffraction patterns and superior image quality and signal to noise ratio even under extreme low dose conditions. Truly symmetrical single field condenser objective lens for analytical applications, i.e. EDX measurements.

Resolution Point to Point 0.34 nm
Information Limit < 0.20 nm
Magnification TEM 8 - 630,000 x
Magnification EELS 20 - 315 x
Analysis: EELS, ESI, Image EELS, EDS.


  • Sample holder: Single tilt for two specimens, cryo-transfer holder.
  • Goniometer: 4-axis, fully LEO 912 patented motorized goniometer stage for eucentrically operating at tilt angels of +/- 60 degrees, +/- 90 degrees is achievable
  • Gatan cryo transfer system
  • Integrated Zeiss user interface

Image acquisition

  • Bottom mounted TRS slow scan 2K CCD one axis camera for image acquisition