Zeiss SEM Auriga with FIB

Image "Electron Microscopy:Zeiss_Auriga_upload.png"Main Applications: High resolution (cryo-) scanning electron microscopy, (cryo-) focused ion beam SEM, elemental analyses
Contact Person:Katherina Psathaki  

Brief Description: The AURIGA CrossBeam from Zeiss is a high-resolution scanning electron microscope (SEM) with integrated high-resolution focused ion beam (FIB) milling that enables photographic, chemical, and structural analysis. The SEM column is coupled with an Orsay Physics “Cobra” Ga+ ion FIB and is equipped with a micromanipulator and a GIS-system for Pt, W and XeF. The system includes a Schottky field emission Gemini electron column operating between 100V and 30kV, capable of resolutions of 1.0nm at 15kV and 1.9nm at 1kV. It is fitted with a standard in chamber ET detector, an in lens SE detector, an ESB electron detector and a four quadrant BSE detector. Additional equipment for cryo SEM (KX 1275; Emitech) is added to the system. The AURIGA CrossBeam is equipped with EDX and EBSD (Norlys-detector; Oxford Instruments) for analytical analyses. For image acquisition and analysis the Zeiss ATLAS software package is included.