Free microscope manufacturer software

Microscope manufacturer are using proprietary file formats for their imaging software. In most cases free lite versions are available which are useful for basic image processing, 3d visualization and annotation. The software can also be used to export imaging data for other image processing software.

  • Olympus LSM FV-1000: FV10-ASW (file formats: OIF, OIB, FV Multi-Tiff) -> download
  • Olympus LSM FV-3000: FV31-SW (file formats: OIR, OIF, OIB, VSI) -> download
  • Olympus widefield systems (Virtual Slide, CellSens): OlyVIA (file formats: VSI, Multi-TIFF) -> download
  • Zeiss widefield systems: Zen Lite from Zeiss (file formats: CZI, ZVI) -> download
  • LSM 510 Image Browser from Zeiss (file formats: LSM, MDB) -> download
  • Leica cLSMs: Leica LAS AF Lite (file formats: LIF) -> download