Period: 2023-2028
Kontakt: Dr. Susanne Kunis

NFDI4BIOIMAGE is a consortium of the National Research Data Infrastructure (Nationale Forschungsdateninfrastruktur, NFDI) in Germany. Our focus is on all steps of the research data life cycle for microscopy and bioimage analysis.

NFDI4BIOIMAGE will realize the following objectives:
  • Standardization: data acquisition, metadata, file formats, (meta)data models, ontologies, annotation tools, data provenance
  • Storage concepts and open repositories: access and submission requirements, capacity, long-term vs. short-term, distributed vs. centralized, data flows
  • Data integration: combination with -omics data and other discipline-specific data types, integrative dataset queries, interoperability, interfaces
  • Bioimage informatics tool development: bioimage analysis, automated AI-based bioimage analysis pipelines, workflow management and reproducibility, interoperability of analysis tools, statistics, and modeling
  • Education: training, workshops, online tools, open educational formats
  • Networking: international harmonization, knowledge exchange, connection to other NFDI consortia and non-NFDI RDM-initiatives

NFDI4Bioimage on web

SFB 1557 INF

Period: 2023-2026
Kontakt: Dr. Susanne Kunis

Implementing new data management structures for data annotation, storage and processing.

I3D:bio - Information Infrastructure for BioImage Data

Period: 2022-2024
Kontakt: Dr. Susanne Kunis

I3D:bio aims to facilitate microscopy research data management in Germany. We build on the open-source image data management platform OMERO (OME remote objects). OMERO was created by the Open Microscopy Environment consortium (OME). Our project goals are:  
  • Support easy installation of OMERO according to local needs
  • Develop novel solutions for metadata editing in OMERO
  • Facilitate microscopy data deposition in suitable public repositories
  • Create a public, open database for quality-control measurements (metrology database)

I3D:bio on web

RDM4mic - Research Data Management for Microscopy

Period: since 2019

Initiated by Susanne Kunis (CellNanOs, Osnabrueck), Stefanie Weidtkamp-Peters (CAi, Duesseldorf) and Astrid Strauss (CECAD, Cologne), this group started its work in 2019 and deals with the topic of research data management for microscopy (overview). Presently the group has 76 members from different institutions.

RDM4mic on web