OMEROUpdater is deprecated!
please have a look at OMERO Clients


Please unzip the file on your local system and read the INSTALL.txt file first. Note: you need java jre1.8 for linux. For installation support please contact Susanne Kunis.


please have a look at OMERO Clients

ImageJ /FIJI Plugin
Two plugins are required:

Download the packages and save it into the ImageJ > plugins folder  (further help).
If upgrading from a previous version, delete all old versions of the plugin components from the folder before going any further.

Using Fiji with OMERO 5.4.10

Two actions are required for an installation:
  • select the Bio-Formats jars using the update menu (further help)
  • add the OMERO.insight-ij plugin
For installation support, please contact Susanne Kunis.

JAVA ( requiered version 1.8)
java download page

Windows Icon File
Icon file