Zeiss LSM 880 with fast Airyscan

Image "Light Microscopy/Zeiss LSM 880 AiryScan:IMG_2954_upload.jpg"Main Applications: 3D/4D cLSM with 1.7x higher resolution, Photomanipulation, FRAP
Person in Charge: Rainer Kurre
Location: Building 67, Room B27

Brief Description: The confocal laser scanning microscope 880 from Zeiss with Airyscan detector is a super-resolution cLSM with 1.7x higher resolution than conventional LSMs. The Airyscan technology is based on Image Scanning Microscopy published by Claus Müller and Jörg Enderlein in 2010 (Physical Review Letters). Instead of a PMT as a single detector, Airyscan is an area detector with 32 concentrically arranged detection elements. This allows you to acquire more of the Airy disk at once. The confocal pinhole itself remains open and does not block light, thus more photons are collected. This produces much greater light efficiency while imaging. Airyscan gives you a unique combination of gentle superresolution imaging and high sensitivity.